laser hair removal

Potential patients should expect their cosmetic dermatology provider to tell them whether they can expect the laser to be effective or not based on the color of their skin and hair.

The Most Effective Way to Remove Unwanted Hair

Cosmetic dermatologists are highly specialized doctors who focus on treating conditions of the skin. Unlike medical dermatologists, who are focused exclusively on treating medical conditions, they are able to offer specialized treatments for patients who are looking to improve their appearance in addition to keeping their skin healthy. One of the most popular treatments available to younger patients is laser hair removal, which is described in detail below.

A More Permanent Alternative

Many women and some men struggle with unwanted facial or body hair. They often devote many hours of their lives and large chunks of their paychecks to wax, tweezers, and shaving products, but these products only offer temporary relief. Laser treatment offers a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

Use it Anywhere

Unlike some over the counter products, which are intended for use on just one part of the body, laser treatment can be used anywhere on the body. It is extremely precise and virtually painless, which allows cosmetic dermatologists to target only the hair that needs to be removed with no potential for damage to the surrounding skin.

Quick and Painless

The lasers used for this form of cosmetic treatment are able to target multiple hairs at once, allowing dermatologists to treat even large areas of skin in just a small amount of time. Small areas such as the upper lip can require less than one minute for adequate treatment, and for most patients, only three to five short sessions are required to achieve permanent results. These results can be achieved with just minimal discomfort, which can be a huge relief for women who are used to waxing and other extremely unpleasant and painful procedures.

It's Safe

There are still some misconceptions surrounding the use of lasers in medical and cosmetic procedures, but as these procedures continue to grow in popularity many of these myths are being dispelled. The lasers used for hair removal are quite safe, and modern machines even feature a cooling device designed to ensure optimum patient comfort. This cooling device is able to protect the patient's outer layer of skin, which also helps to safeguard against potential changes in skin pigmentation.

It's Versatile

Almost all patients can benefit from laser hair removal. While they work best on patients with fair skin and dark hair, practitioners of cosmetic dermatology have already developed methods for enhancing the effectiveness of laser treatments in patients with fair hair. The best way for a patient to decide whether or not this form of hair removal will adequately meet his or her needs is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist who offers it, so get started today.